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Reservations are Required!

St Charles Ghost tours fill very quickly. There are only a limited number of spaces available.

Tours run All year round and are scheduled every day at 8:30 pm.

 Adults: $25.00
  Click here for Cancelation Policy

Due to the nature of this experience, it is recommended for people 14 years and older.

Strollers or carried children and pets are not permitted, The streets are uneven and it is dark.

Special tours, on other days or times, can always be arranged.

Participants are encouraged to bring cameras, tape recorders and video recorders. You may go home with actual documentation of spirit activity!

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  • What time of the year do the tours run?
    1. St. Charles Ghost tours run 12 months out of the year, Not just Halloween. This is an ongoing research project and ghosts are not "seasonal."

  • Where does the tour start and stop?
    1. The tour begins and ends in front of the Historical Society Building on the corner of Jefferson and South Main.
      Look for the signs (and the crowds).
      The actual address is 101 South Main, 63301
      (Plug that into your phone, GPS or into Mapquest)
      The Historical Society building is a big white building with a lot of steps in front. I says "City Hall" on the top.

      Look for the sign that looks like a tombstone and the tour guides with "St. Charles Ghost Tours" embroidered on their shirts.

  • What time do the tours run?

      Tours are scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights at 8:30pm and if there is enough demand, at Midnight.
      Special tours (other dates and times) can always be arranged for groups of 5 or more.
      The tours start on time. Please arrive a few minutes early to check in.

  • How long does the tour last?

      This is a walking tour and it lasts about 90-120 minutes.
      The entire tour is outside.
      However, keep in mind, if something very interesting occurs, we will not walk away.

  • What does "Authorized" mean?
  • Special permits (from the City Of St. Charles) are required before the tours can run. Without these permits, Tour guides, and even tour participants can be cited for trespassing and other violations.
    We are the only Ghost Tour in St. Charles that has these permits.
    With our tours, you are fully protected and very much welcomed by the City and the Local Tourist Authority!

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  • Can I bring a group?
  • Groups are always welcome and Special Tours can be arranged for groups of 5 or more, on almost any date.
    This is a great way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special event.
    St. Charles Ghost Tours can also be a great company activity. So much better than a picnic or stuffy dinner meeting!

  • Does the tour take you inside the actual haunted buildings on Main Street?
  • As I am sure you know, most of the buildings along South Main are private businesses and residences. There are a number of interesting :outside" sites and we often experience manifestations along the way. For example, near the Winery of the Little Hills we visit a place that was a graveyard from 1750 to 1853. In 1853, they moved the graveyard but did not move all the bodies.

    Keep in mind that St. Charles Ghost Tours visits and examines public spaces. South Main in St. Charles is a commercial district and we will not enter any private businesses or residences without permission. Please respect the rights and privacy of the people living and working here.

    You may, of course, stop into a restaurant for a soft drink or other refreshment, but we cannot block and entranceways, invade private spaces or in general, go anywhere we are not encouraged to enter.

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  • Do the Tour guides bring any paranormal detection equipment or is that up to the participants?
  • You are invited to bring any equipment you have and know how to use. You guide will usually have EMF detectors and perhaps some specialized custom made devices. Cameras, Video and voice recorders are encouraged.
    Clients often go home with actual documentation of ghostly activity.
    You may also want to check the What to Bring page here.

  • What is the policy for inclement weather? Do the tours ever cancel due to rain?
  • The tours run, rain or shine, so umbrellas might be required. For that matter, in warm weather dress light and in cold weather bring a coat.
    Check our cancelation policy.

  • What about special events, such as Halloween?
  • The tours around Halloween fill early and fill quickly. If you are interested in a tour around these dates. BOOK NOW!
    Or call 314-374-6102 today.
    Also check the events listed on the Special Tours page.

  • Can anyone go on these tours?
  • St. Charles Ghost Tours will be enjoyed by people 14 years old and up.
    The route is completely accessible for everyone. Limited mobility and even wheelchairs are not a problem. However, the streets and sidewalks are a bit rough. Wear good walking shoes.
    However, due to safety and insurance considerations, children in strollers and carried babies are not permitted.

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  • What happens after the tour?
  • St. Charles Ghost Tours continues to gather information and evidence of spectral activity on Main Street and we hope you will share your findings with us. Any recordings, sightings or new information will help us to continue and improve these tours.
    You are encouraged to send (or email) any interesting pictures and stories you may have so we can add them to our web site.
    There are a number of excellent restaurants along the route. You may want to stop in for food and discussions before and after the tour.

    Check with your tour guide. We occasionally make special arrangements with one or more establishments.
    Or, you may want to stick around and have a stimulating discussion and perhaps enjoy spirits or another kind...